Township of Union Community Garden 2021 Guidelines


The Township of Union Community Garden (ToUCG) is a communal endeavor focused on making sustainable organic gardening available to Union residents who are unable to grow plants at home.  The ToUCG is located on property leased from the Township of Union on Liberty Ave.
The garden is an organic garden.  While there is no universally accepted definition for the term “organic gardening”, here it will be defined as using only animal or vegetable fertilizers rather than synthetics, seeds and seedlings that are identified as organic by the packing or the distributor, using natural pest controls devoid of industrial insecticides, companion planting and attractants to control pests.

Leasing a Garden Bed

The ToUCG is available to all residents but is limited to the number of raised beds. Residents of Union NJ interested in leasing a bed for 1 year with an option for a 2 year lease must apply by May 1st of each year.  All applicants will be first come first serve basis for the opportunity to lease a bed.   All gardeners must read and sign the regulations before applying for a bed. 


The annual fee is $35.00 for a single 4’ x 8’ raised bed to help cover garden expenses. This will also entitle the gardener access to water and the community compost pile.
No refunds  after May 15.


A garden plot is restricted to the area marked by the raised bed. 4' x 8'  Gardens may not be expanded into an adjacent plot or walkway

More than one plot may be leased based upon availability after registration deadline. Adjourning plots may be connected only with the approval of the ToUCG.

Dogs may only be brought into the gardening area when issues of safety are a concern. If a dog is brought into the gardening area, it must be kept on a leash at all times and any dog waste shall be removed.

Please respect the rights and privacy of neighbors close to your plot

Gardeners are expected to bring their own tools and other equipment. Small items may be kept in the equipment shed

The use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is prohibited except when authorized by ToUCG Committee because of a severe plague of insects or disease. The Community Gardens Program will evaluate it on a case by case basis.

Gardeners shall not harvest produce or flowers from another plot without Permission

Each garden plot shall be maintained. We discouraged growing corn as it may effect the growth of a neighbors vegetables due to the shade it casts.  Please ask management for consideration to grow corn. If a plot contains grass or weed growth over 18 inches tall, you will be asked to take corrective action. If corrective action is not taken within 5 days, privileges to garden shall be terminated.

Walkways between plots are to be kept clear in order to facilitate maintenance activities. Do not pile or throw mulch, weeds, rocks, or other materials into these areas. The organic waste bins are to be used only for the disposal of unwanted organic debris.  

All trash must be removed from the garden site

The following plants are prohibited: Trees, woody shrubs, grape vines, stinging plants, poison oak, and all plants listed on the New Jersey’s Invasive Plant List.  List will available inside equipment shed or

By mid-November, gardens must be winterized. All dead woody vegetation (corn, sunflower, tomato, etc.) must be removed from the garden plot and deposited in the organic waste bin or disposed of. You may cover your garden plot with plastic or leaves to control grass and weed growth during winter and spring, or with winter crops. Items such as plastic chairs, fertilizer bags, plastic containers, debris, and other miscellaneous items must be removed from the garden plot by mid-November. After mid November, all such items shall be considered garbage or abandoned property and shall be removed by the ToUCG

The ToUCG will maintain the garden fencing, and irrigation systems
Hours of operation are dawn until dusk.